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Tours and Activities

Come see us at reception or contact us by phone at +506 2556 4933 or on WhatsApp at +506 6015 3561 for more information or to book a tour.

Adventure Activities

White-water Rafting

Discover the Pacuare River, rated one of the top five most scenic rivers in the world, this is an amazing adventure in the jungle.


$85 per person

(lunch & transportation included)

Overnight, multi-day options available, ask us for more details!


White-water Tubing

Experience a guided tour of the Pejibaye River. Navigate through whitewater while surrounded by the beautiful Costa Rican flora and fauna.


$75 per person

(lunch & transportation included)

Canyoning & Ziplining

Get ready to face your fears and push your limits with these rappelling and ziplining adventures.

$65-80 per person

(lunch & transportation included)

White-water Kayaking Classes

Costa Rica Kayak School is an experienced local company dedicated to teach whitewater kayaking.

Learn from one of the best and a national kayaking champion.

Class price: $150 for 1 person ($140 pp with 2 ppl)


SUP and Kayaking on Lake Reventazon

Experience the majestic Lake Reventazon.

Have the chance to meet monkeys, toucans, sloths, and green macaws, and cool off with a summer bath in crystalline water.


$80-100 per person

(lunch & transportation included)

Horseback Riding

Enjoy nature during a relaxing ride through coffee fields and past beautiful waterfalls.


$49 per person


Mountain Bike Rental

Enjoy a ride with scenic landscapes and epic hill-top views with a local guide.


Bike rental:

$10 for 3 hours

$20 for full day

Tours: $55-$180


Admire the beautiful landscape from a different perspective, with views of Turrialba volcano.


$90 per person

Cultural Activities

Coffee Tour at Café Viñas

A family-owned, artisanal, organic

coffee plantation.


Discover more about the art of cultivating and harvesting coffee beans on this cute small farm and enjoy the beautiful view from Gustavo's terrace.

$20 including lunch 


Cacao Tour and Workshop at Nortico Farm

Discover the story behind the Food of the Gods

and how it has been modified through time to get the characteristic taste of chocolate as we know it today.


$40 per person

$52 including lunch

We sell Nortico chocolate bars at reception!


Coffee Tour at Aquiares

The largest continuous coffee farm in Costa Rica, known for the quality of the high-altitude, shade-grown Arabica Coffee it produces. Learn about the coffee process in a big factory

Tours at 9am and at 2pm.


$35 per person

Guayabo National Monument

Visitors to the monument will find the largest pre-Columbian ruins that have been discovered in Costa Rica to this date. A bustling city at around 800 AD, archeologists believe the site was populated from 1000 BC to 1400 AD.


Tour with transport, guide, entrance:

$70 per person


$5 entrance only


Mirador Restaurante
Sitios Angostura

Enjoy a delicious meal with an incredible view overlooking Lake Angostura and the surrounding valleys. They have several special cakes and sweet treats, along with lunch and fresh drinks.

12pm-5pm Tue-Sun

Turrialba Farmers Market

Every Friday and Saturday morning local farmers, come to the center of Turrialba to sell their goods. Experience this vibrant atmosphere and buy fresh food directly from the producers. You'll be able to buy fruit here that you may have never seen before, and be sure to get some fresh local Turrialba cheese, which is popular nationwide.

Free Entry

Nature Activities

Turrialba Volcano Hike

When the park is open you can hike to the crater,

but at times the route to the crater is closed due to volcanic activity. It's still possible to walk to the Burned Forest - the zone most impacted by recent eruptions.

$75 per person

(lunch & transportation included)


Irazu Volcano Crater

Enjoy the gorgeous landscape views only possible from Irazú Volcano. With clear skies you can see both the Pacific and Atlantic oceans.


Entry fee: $15

Children under 13: $5

Birdwatching Tour

Though small in size, Costa Rica has one of the highest levels of biodiversity in the world. There are more than 50 types of hummingbirds, some of which you can find in our garden.


Must be booked in advance, ask us for

the price.

CATIE Botanical Gardens

Surrounded by the calls of birds, the whisper of the giant Guanacaste tree and the imposing Ceiba, the Botanical Garden is a special place to relax. You will find life ranging from miniscule parasites to exquisite orchids, bromeliads and robust stands of bamboo.


$10 per person

$28 per person with guide

Jennifer Salas.jpg

CATIE Night Walking Tour

The jungle has a totally different character during night-time. It is filled with the sounds of millions of insects and hundreds of frogs and toads. You'll walk in a private part of the jungle, looking for exciting species of animals.


$27 per person

Muralla & Trillizas Waterfalls 

Muralla Waterfall

Beautiful hike among farmlands that ends with a secret garden and a view overlooking the waterfall.

Trillizas Waterfall

Short walk through the jungle that ends at these magical waterfalls. Don't forget to check out the hidden one behind the mountain!

Entry fee: ₡2.500 p.p.

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